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This is the entrance to the Art room  As a visitor or member interested in Art this would be a place to hang out with other Artists.  While some of our Artists are members of our Christian Community we want every member to feel comfortable coming to the room knowing that this for all artists to share their ideas and art work.

If you are interested in any kind of music, enjoy playing a musical instrument or if you would like to try writing songs this is a place for you.  While the forum is part of our online church community anyone interested in music is invited to attend our group.

This door leads to  Our Bible study room.Our beliefs are important to us so a lot of us enjoy Bible study. We always welcome visitors.

This door takes you to our youth forum Facebook where we have a private group for all of our forum interests.

This is the door to our Writer’s forum.  If you are interested in being a writer or you are a writer why not join us.

This is the door to our Video and Photography forum.  If you are interested in photography or video why not join us.

If you would like more information about our Youth Forum write us or text us at 480-292-0794

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