is an excellent website for getting some information on the Bible that used to be reserved for several volumes of very large books.

There are numerous sites that offer the whole Bible in various versions, and this is one of them. We will look at some others in a later post.

What is unique about Bible Hub is that it offers an excellent way to go from a verse or passage to an easy to develop word study with the Hebrew or Greek.

One of my most used features is the Interlinear. When I want to see what Greek or Hebrew word was used and how it is used in other contexts, Bible Hub is a great tool to use.

For example.  here is a screenshot of 1 Peter 2:1-3

When I click the 2 to see the second verse on its own, I get this:

There is much more on the page, but you get the idea. Once you have a specific verse selected like this, then the next step is to go up to the Interlinear page. On this page, you click Interlinear above the text (see below):

Once clicked you get this:

And now the fun begins. You can click on the numbers above the words to see the Strongs reference information. Click on the transliterated word above the Greek to see more about the word and where else it may be used in the Bible. You also get grammatical help to understand how the sentence should literally be constructed.

There is so much more to explore on Bible Hub.

Why does all this matter?

If you are a serious student of the Word, then you know that reading a single translation of the English Bible will never get you close to all the meaning and depth of the original texts. In addition, the more you study the Bible from the original languages, the more you will realize just how inadequate many of the English translations are in communicating what was actually said. This isn’t necessarily a fault of the English version. In many ways, it is due to the limitations of our language.

The depths and riches of the Word of God are a  never-ending quest. Good Bible Study tools will enhance the depth and the enjoyment of the quest. is one of those tools.