Faith In Action Lutheran Church is hosting this event to bring a full length “To Save A Life” movie by Samuel Goldwyn to our community.

Suicide touches most everybody in some form. My own son committed suicide at 23 years old about 30 years ago. I still am affected by it.

The movie illustrates the life of our young in more ways than suicide. They deal with issues we can only imagine. A profession mental health speaker will be present for a 10 minute prelude to the movie and a Q & A after.

About 50 suicide deaths in Arizona each year is average. Governor Ducy, of Arizona, has signed a bill number 1468 to provide suicide training for high school staff. Suicide is the second cause of death among the young.

By training the existing young in our churches to be disciples to their friends, it is possible to bring the lost souls to Jesus. The more find Jesus the less will find suicide. Hope is the catalyst that will make this happen. Many youth are reluctant to attend a real church, so Faith In Action online Lutheran is a place for them to go.

Join us in this effort by encouraging the youth and promoting the programs. Anyone of our youth thinking anything about suicide should call Teen Life Line whose mission is: “To provide safe, confidential and crucial crisis service where teens help teens make healthy decisions”.

By Dale Laurin, member of MVLC and VP of FIALC. 480-518-5420