We are at an unprecedented time of struggle for the youth and young adults in our country.  The issues that have to be dealt with are highlighted in the attached video of a power point presentation.  Our 18 to 35 year old population are basically missing from church attendance. Faith in Action Lutheran Online Church is focusing on this age in hope of bringing the love of Jesus Christ into their lives. The pathway we follow is to SAVE A SOUL that will lead to SAVE A CHURCH and eventually to SAVE A COUNTRY.  When there is no God in our country there is a feeling of no hope.

To begin an effort to reverse this trend, I believe the young need to part of the army to reach out to the lost.  We plan to have existing church members receive training for their young members to be disciples inviting their friends and acquaintances to meet with them at this online church. Since most of this population are reluctant to go to a real church, this is a place where they find more than just preaching. Doors are opened where they can join in on music, art, studies, and any activity the young enjoy.

Online communion may be possible for shut-ins and those serving in the military. This is in development to be available in the near future.

Missions to assist the homeless and less fortunate are in the works.  Youth and young adults have a great interest in these activities.

I invite you to join us by volunteering your time, talents, and funds, and providing comments to help us pursue the “Great Commission”.