Hildegard of Bingen (also known as Hildegarde von Bingen, 

, l. … Along with her impressive body of work and ethereal musical compositions, Hildegard is best known for her spiritual concept of Viriditas – “greenness” – the cosmic life force infusing the natural world.

ildegard of Bingen wrote the Liber simplicis medicinae (Simple Book of Medicine) in 1160. She is famous for writing and composing the music for a medieval morality play called the Ordo Virtutum. Hildegard was so well respected that she was consulted by and advised bishops, popes and kings.

During her 81 years of life, she wrote nine books addressing theology, medicine, science and diet. She is credited with writing the first book on gynecology. She wrote 70 poems, chants and songs, and many consider her play “Ordo Virtutum” (Play of Virtues) to be a distant ancestor of opera.

Hildegard remains known as the originator of German alternative medicine and deserves recognition for her contributions to holistic health and wellness. She promoted the prevention of disease and illness by natural means of a moderate and healthy lifestyle and used the curative powers of natural objects for healing.