Step Four: Prayer

Photo by Ric Rodrigues from Pexels

It is a pleasure to be communicating to you some steps in your path as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. The next step on this path of discipleship is to cultivate your personal prayer life.

When a Christian prays they are not informing God about anything for God is all-knowing. When we pray we are acknowledging Who God is and our utter dependence upon Him.

A primary purpose of prayer is to learn what God is thinking about what we are thinking. Prayer is an effort to be in harmony with God’s will. Prayers offered through the mediator, Jesus Christ, invite the attention of our God. Prayer accompanied by humility, earnestness, patience, and persistence is what God wants from us.

In prayer we should express our hope for the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven to earth; our desire for God’s daily provision to meet our needs; our need to be certain we have forgiven all who need our forgiveness while at the same time appreciating our own forgiveness; our sensitivity to temptation and desire to avoid it; and finally our recognizing that God is omnipotent and His will for us is the best possible outcome of prayer (Matthew 6:5-15).