Step Six: Obedience

As a new believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior, the matter of your allegiance to the One Who saved you is very important.

The loyalty we owe our savior for His death on the cross for us has noble motives and wonderful benefits. For instance, obedience to God is motivated by a loving desire to please Him. Accompanying this love is a desire to maintain a clear conscience. With the soul free from guilt the believer can be at liberty to work effectively for the glory of God. And, as believers work in the world around them, the world will have a witness to the genuineness of the Christian’s faith and the genuineness of their savior. Obedience is good for us and for everyone else.

On the other hand, disobedience to the Word of God denies blessing from God and invites His displeasure. God’s displeasure will be expressed toward His children in the form of loving correction. By remaining obedient to the Lord the believer’s relationship with God will remain healthy and characterized by joy and peace.

The commands of God are right and the right thing to do is to obey them. Take time now to read the fourteenth and fifteenth chapters of the Gospel of John and learn directly from the Holy Bible how important obedience to God’s direction is.