Our younger people in the world will inherit the earth. Life is like living on a conveyor belt with the older ones falling off the end and the new ones being placed on the beginning. Eventually the younger ones will be in charge.
This span of life is extremely short when compared with eternity. Still, our souls have been created at the beginning of time and will last for eternity, somewhere. According to the Bible Jesus, as the son of man, has a soul.
During the life span of Jesus on this world, he was a lot like the younger people of our world. His purpose was to change the world and challenged the institutions of religion and learning of his time. He was crucified finally at an age of about 34 years old. This was God’s original plan, which is difficult for many to understand, or believe. God, son, and holy spirit started this arrangement and the triune God is finishing it.
SPIRIT AND SOUL REVEALEDThe soul is created by God at the beginning of time and will exist eternally. When a person is born the soul is joined with the body and is the essence of the person. At this time God also places a spirit with the soul which has the conscience embedded in the spirit. When the body dies, the soul leaves to join the eternal existence. At this time God takes back the spirit into his own. Ecclesiastes 12:7, upon death the “spirit returns back to God who gave it”.
Every one of us has a spirit which gives a direct connection to our God. Since I learned of this my prayers have a new meaning and power.
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