Our nation holds high moral ideals.  We protest and fight for equality, justice, human rights, and economic welfare for all humanity.  Those noble principles include the implicit freedom of every man and woman from imposition of values that conflict with their personal definitions of those terms.  Every individual deserves unimpeded access to their own spiritual path and personal version of truth.

Our culture and media consider Christians to be in violation of that moral code because they make a truth claim and promotes it against others’ wishes.  Yet that indictment and their self-proclaimed “enlightenment” fail to understand that Christianity is the source of nearly all the tenets they hold dear.  Jesus, His followers and His Church advocated, lived out and suffered for ideas – like love, humility, benevolence, sacrifice, servanthood, fairness, freedom, and the value of human life – that were considered radical in corrupt, hedonistic nations.

Disconnecting those high ideals from their (Christian) source enables the grand irony – using society’s claim on the high moral ground to justify rampant immorality.  In the name of equality and rights, the only “sinners” are those who criticize anyone’s morality.  In other words, the only moral code is that there is no moral code, except for any attempts to impose one.  No one may tell anyone what to do, except that everyone must adopt the premise that there is no moral foundation – or risk being “cancelled” (which can cost Christians jobs and promotions).


  • Compassion – from action to empathy
  • Anger – from biting my tongue to venting and revenge
  • Morality – from willing obedience to religious oppression